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  • Reduce blood pressure?
  • Calm the racing mind and sleep better?
  • Drop the anxiety levels?
  • Get out of your emotional rut?
  • Be clear and focused on your day instead of being in a ‘brain fog’?
  • Reduce your pain and tension?
  • Have some support on your pregnancy and post natal journey?
Hi I’m Mel Harris

As a compassionate wellbeing practitioner and complementary therapist with over 20 years experience I have developed a great tool kit to help you get the best from each treatment.

Since March 2020 it is truly evident how important the power of gentle effective touch is.  It has been sorely missed by so many people.  Many people continue to be separated from their loved ones.  Nature gave us the sense of touch to know how we feel emotionally.  Touch is also an fundamental part of human development.

I looking forward to welcoming existing and new reflexology and pre and post natal reflexology

Together we can choose the best tools to help you get the results you want with each treatment.

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Pre and Post Natal Reflexology



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