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Covid 19

Covid 19
For your safety and mine


I will continue to hold high standards of hygiene as per usual but please note:

Covid-19 Secure Hygiene Guidelines from the AoR: Hygiene for myself and my client

Wash your hands frequently or use sanitiser gel (minimum 60% alcohol).

Face mask is required for the duration of your visit – unless otherwise advised. I will wear a face mask too.

Please bring your own bottle of water. Please bring own mask, if possible. I do have disposable masks.

I will ask my clients to sanitise their hands on entry and exit with a sanitiser gel (minimum 60% alcohol) . I prefer hot soap and water – however to minimise risk infection please use your own loo before coming as my cloakroom will be for ’emergency’ only!

And a bit of scientific evidence

The science of use of soap and water Viruses are not living beings they are packets of RNA made up of nucleotides, sugar and phosphoric acid molecules that need to insert themselves into host cells to reproduce. They protect their internal RNA with a lipid bi-layer, this is a double layer of fat molecules. Alcohol from hand sanitiser for example, breaks down fatty layers. Soap does the same but has an additional effect of lifting up the molecules and washing them off as well. This is because soap has two ends to its molecule, one end loves water, the other hates it. The water hating end inserts into the fat layer while the water loving end lifts the dirt from the surface catching the dirt into soapy cages making it easy to remove. It does not matter if the water is hot or cold so long as the soap is present, the soapy bubbles do all the hard work.


I will maintain social distancing by ensuring that there is no client overlap.

My room will be aired before and after each client for at least 30 minutes. This ensures appointments do not overlap – to follow hygiene guidelines. Just for the record. I always have 30 mins between clients anyway.

I will ask you to pay via contactless payment if possible.

These are basic but essential guidelines to ensure the safety of both the you as my client and myself as the practitioner.

A Risk Assessment will be carried out before each treatment. This is a questionnaire that I will email/text/messenger/Whatsapp before your session

For clients face coverings should ideally be a double layer of cotton that do not gape. This can include a scarf. I will have some disposable ones but I am not inclined to make more waste to dispose of!