Myofascial release
Keeping it balanced

What is Myofascial Release?

Clients come to me asking to sort out their knots, tired tense and tight muscles. Areas that are ‘stuck’

Myofascial release is not massage. It is a safe, effective hands-on treatment without using oils or lotions. It involves applying gently sustained pressure into the connective tissue ‘restrictions’ to help mobility and reduce pain. The pressure is held for approx 3-5 mins allowing the tight tense tissue to release and elongate.

Myofascia is connective tissue that runs throughout your body, holding us together. If one part of our physical ‘scaffolding’ is out of sync then it becomes a ‘give and take’ or ‘balancing act’ which can lead to pain, tenderness and loss of good movement range.

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What happens in a myofascial treatment?

As with all treatments we begin with a questionnaire about your current health, what you’d like to achieve from the session/s. It is important for you to be able to ask me questions and for you to feel comfortable!

Using long slow gentle pressure and treating the whole body. Everything is connected. I use a variety of holds to find the areas of tightness. I let my hands gently sink into the tissue. Think about this – if you try and push a boat through water quickly it will meet with resistance but if you gently push the boat it will glide through the water with little resistance.

What are the possible benefits for me?

You can combine it with massage or reflexology