Had enough of ‘life stuff’ aches and pains getting in the way?

Feather falling gently, calmly, quietly, peacefully

We all need a bit of stress to keep us motivated but sometimes we get stuck in a rut.  We get worried.  Worries build up.  Your body and mind needs to ’empty’ regularly. Bit like a rubbish bin.  Luckily there is a brilliant way to deal with this.

What do you want help with?

  • Tired all the time / sleep problems?
  • Irritable?
  • Painful tense areas of your body?
  • Fed up?
  • Anxious?
  • Angry, cross or frustrated?
  • Self confidence or self esteem?
  • Fears?
  • Unhappy?

You don’t have to put up with it.  Seriously you can make a difference to your life.  We all have strengths, skills and resources that have kept us going.  We can work with these.

Look at some possible benefits I found:

  • Ability to reduce anxiety levels
  • Sleep got back to normal
  • Energy and motivation increased
  • I felt more content, happier and calmer
  • Felt more alert
  • Better health due to less stress
  • I felt more confident and able to cope.
  • A calm body and mind can be more focused for the better

What will happen in a stress-reducing session?

I provide a calm environment for your treatments.  It is a gentle therapy.    From my own experience talking through problems and having massage, reflexology or Reiki worked for me. You can have a combination of these treatments. Allow your mind and body to relax.

No need to drag your old beliefs and pains around – let them go. It’s wonderful when you do. Your choose how you want to direct your life.

What causes stress?

Stress can be triggered by a number of ways such as financial pressure, work, juggling home life, not enough time for ourselves or relationship struggles. It is a natural part of our day-to-day living and a small amount of stress can actually be beneficial to us. However, a large amount of stress that starts to disrupt the way we sleep and function can inhibit our lives.

If you change the way you look at ‘things’ then ‘things’ change the way they look – your choice.

Dr Wayne Dwyer

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