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Teaching an old dog new tricks eh? Yes you can rewire your brain – breakfree from self limiting beliefs and outdated thoughts that do you no favours.  It’s easier than you may think ………..

I’ve been asked many times why I do hypnotherapy as a treatment.  Thought I’d try this blog thing and unwind the story.

Too much stress stopped me in my tracks some years ago – same old thing – bad habits learnt over the years.  I wouldn’t or didn’t know how to recognise the symptoms so I kept going, adapting to situations until the crash happened. Not pleasant for all concerned.

I wanted to learn how to change my thoughts and relax – remember the Cadburys Caramel advert with the lovely softly spoken rabbit and the bonkers mad postie birds (You Tube it!) Take It Easy with ……….. well you can take it easy at Rushwick Therapies – you wont get the actual chocolate but you will understand how important relaxation is to your wellbeing.

Anyway long story short – I thought I’d have a look at hypnotherapy – I mean as a complementary therapist why not?  I did have reservations about the stage shows I’d seen but went for the open day with Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training at their satellite ‘office’ in Kings Norton, liked what it could do and signed up. The learning was tough and intensive but after 15 months I qualified and haven’t looked back since.

For decades scientists thought the brain was static and unchanging.  They realise it is a dynamic organ capable of so many amazing things – it’s adaptable and can grow ‘new bits’ and prune off the bits that are not used – the term use it or lose it certainly applies here. It is called ‘neuroplasticity’ and its AMAZING!

Check out any TED talks about it and you’ll see that learning new positive habits (takes approx 45-90 days according to leading brain guru Loretta G Breuning) puts you in control of your life and emotions – emotions and thoughts constantly bubble but do they all do you any favours? No!  They keep tagging onto old beliefs, beliefs that are self limiting. We learn habits and the more we do them the stronger they become so break free – you can.

Contact me for your free initial 30 min consultation (can be here at Rushwick Therapies or by phone) Start taking the heavy weight off your shoulders and replace it with something lighter, something that makes you smile.

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