Massage and myofascial release

On a scale of 0 no pain to 10 lots of pain. When you arrived where were you on the scale. 4 

Mel is very easy to work with. I am not someone who is used to this sort of treatment but Mel is very friendly and made me feel very relaxed. I found that the treatment was tailored for me in some areas. I had some very tender sore spots.

After my massage and myofascial release treatment Mel asked how I felt 0-10 scale. I said I felt a 9. It made such a difference. After a couple of days I could really feel a difference.

She asked me if I knew that having regular sessions would be most beneficial for me. I said I did.

Lastly – would I recommend Mel? I said 100% yes. Mel is great at her treatments and has a very relaxed approach and the treatments make a real difference.

TC 03.05.2020

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