I asked current clients for testimonials as I wasn’t able to see them during this Covid situation. Here are a selection.

On a scale of 0 no pain to 10 lots of pain. When you arrived where were you on the scale. 4 

Mel is very easy to work with. I am not someone who is used to this sort of treatment but Mel is very friendly and made me feel very relaxed. I found that the treatment was tailored for me. I had some very tender sore spots.

After my reflexology treatment Mel asked how I felt 0-10 scale. I0 being painful and 10 being ok. She said I felt a 9. After a couple of days I could really feel a difference.

She asked me if I knew that having regular sessions would be most beneficial for me. I said I did.

Lastly – would I recommend Mel? I said 100% yes. Mel is great at her treatments and has a very relaxed approach and the treatments make a real difference.

TC 03.05.2020

I walked into Mel’s therapy room feeling stressed, with a busy mind and very tight shoulders. I enjoyed my relaxation and reflex session so much and felt like I was floating when I left and that feeling stayed with me all day! Would highly recommend Mel’s services and I’ll definitely be going again!

AJ 04 05 2020

I have personally known Melanie for the last 3 years and have
been receiving treatments on a regular basis from her during
that time.
In my opinion Melanie is an extremely enthusiastic and
excellent therapist. She has a real passion for what she does
and is always keen to ensure that your needs are fully
assessed and dealt with.
She is very professional in her work but is also very friendly and
easy to get on with. I am aware she has dealt with clients on all
sorts of levels and has a number of qualifications.

JW 2016

I first met Mel 3 years ago after I was recommended by a friend. I had been pressure washing for hours and woke next day unable to lift my arm.
Mel did a thorough examination and a course of treatment was agreed. I found her extremely knowledgeable and was confident and comfortable with her approach. After a course of treatment my arm  was good as new.
I have had regular treatments for arthritis in my back and hip which has been beneficial.
I would thoroughly recommend Mel.

SG 03.05.2020

I was in a lot of pain in my shoulder – on 0-10 it was up around 8. The joints have been an ongoing problem. I found Mel very easy and comfortable from the getgo, very empathetic. My treatments were tailored to specific needs I had. We were working together twice a month and post shoulder treatment it was much improved and the pain had eased somewhat. I would highly recommend Mel

IR 04.05.2020

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