Wellbeing Walk

Rushwick, Worcs | Medical

What my wellbeing walks mean to me:

I can reset, unplug from screens, phones and general demands of life. I put my boots on and meet up with Mel.

We have no agenda, as we walk along footpaths, bridleways and fields. Its a gentle pace to unwind. No fitness levels required!

Conversations unfold naturally and easily. We laugh a lot too. I am always surprised how my mind clears when we talk. Mel does ask questions if I have a bit of a low time. Her training as a talk therapist really shows. It really helps me.

Mt last walk was in the bright sun. We stopped for a warm drink and I really heard the skylarks, the gentle hum of traffic in the distance. The Malvern Hills looked amazing. The spring breezes freshen me up. Seriously, you cant beat that feeling.

I always leave Mels walk and talk sessions feeling calmer, more contented. I can focus on whats important rather than get caught up in the miele . Its such an achievement for me.

Walking with Mel has really helped me assess my work/life balance, explore potential life choices and helped lose of a few extra Covid kilos! Thank you Mel.

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