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Zzzzzzzz  Do you ‘sleep’ and wake like a lark or feel like a flat battery?

Anxiety and poor sleep are not good bed partners.  They both fight.

Understanding a bit about how your mind works when it comes to your sleep quota is important.

There’s loads of advice, much of it contradictory, but some that is well researched.  What do we believe?

One thing’s for certain –  we let life, with all it entails, drag us down without realising it.  Bit like a magnet picking up all our negativity – gets heavy and unfortunately we become accustomed to it until it brings us down.

Here’s the thing -Anxiety messes with your sleep big time.

My story is pretty much like others – So was it anxiety that led to poor sleep or was it poor sleep that led to anxiety?  Interesting chicken and egg question.  Whichever way you think your sleep or anxiety became a focus probably doesn’t serve any good purpose.  I managed to recognise that small changes helped me to sort it.

So let me ask you, what are your best hopes be for better sleep and reduced anxiety?  Tough question because it means you have to stop and consider how this sleep/anxiety affair is directing your thoughts.

How would your life be just a little bit different if you could improve sleep and reduce anxiety and a calm your mind.  You may want to jot some thoughts down.  Don’t be shy, just grab paper and pen and make those new thoughts your own.  Switch on your light bulb and enter your world of new possibilities.

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Sweet dreams

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